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Here at Mow Better, we are looking for ways to stand out and offer our clients more than just your average lawn service.

We are now offering all-in-one membership packages for your home’s lawn and landscaping needs. Let us deal with everything needed to keep your yard beautiful. No more having to find and schedule multiple services, pay multiple bills, and deal with multiple people. We’ll do it all for you, Mow Better!

~Mason Carpenter~




  • Mowing
  • String Edge/Trim
  • Blowing
  • Yard cleanup (sticks & debris)
  • Fall cleanup (leaves removed)


  • Mow Standard plus:
  • Turf fertilization
  • Shrub trimming/shaping & cleanup


  • Mow Standard & Mow More plus:
  • Tree trimming (15' and under)
  • Edge & Mulch (black/brown/red)

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Our Mission

To provide top-notch outdoor beautification services through cutting edge & creative approaches

We also excel at:

Backyard buildouts

Paver patios

Fire pits

Retaining walls

Landscape design & install

Landscape lighting

Schedule your routine lawn maintenance

Just like your hair, grass grows fast! Make sure your lawn is always in tip top shape when you schedule routine maintenance and lawn mowing services with Mow Better! Call now to schedule your weekly services!


We try our best to work around rain. Will come day earlier or day later.
Mow approx 4 times per month, mulch in spring, shrub trim once in June-July and again in fall (late September, early October)
Typically we mulch in the spring unless you request to have it done another time.
When we give the 1 week notice please send detailed email about special instructions and they will be relayed to the team assigned to your home.
Yes. We have divided total cost of all of the services offered in each package over a 12 month period to make it easier for you and us to budget. Even our Mow Standard package we will actually be working around your home for 9-10 months per year. Between mowing, leaves, cleanup & weeds this is more than just your seasonal service.
Reach out to us immediately if you’re not satisfied. If we don’t fix the issue within 30 days then you can get out of the contract with us.
This would depend on location. Please email your home address and package of choice and will get back to you within 24hrs.
Email, call, text
We will reach out to give a 1-2 week notice letting you know that we plan to do the service.
Leaves will be gathered and removed from your home up to 4 times between october 20th-January 10th.

Fertilization Schedule & Breakdown

4 Applications Included 

1) Liquid- Target___early season (March –early April) weed and initial germinations of crabgrass.
2) Liquid- Target___late Spring season (May) weed/later germinations of crabgrass/annual grub control.
3) Granular- Late August (water twice weekly if possible)
4) Granular- Late September (water twice weekly if possible)

-Property will be posted with each application! -Pets need to be kept off property for 1-2 hours subsequent to each application. Recommended but not included: -Early Spring application for boxwoods. -Maintenance applications for nutsedge (nutgrass) -Two to three applications of insecticide to control bagworms on selective evergreen. Primary target arborvitae, juniper, spruce. -Renovate sparse areas in lawn. Keep lawn thick and healthy.