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Package Details


  • Pick up trash, sticks, limbs and debris.

  • Mow turf at healthy(not too short/or tall) height.

  • String edge/trim along landscape beds, drive/walkways, fences, ditches and any other obstructions the mower cant reach.

  • Blow off clippings and debris from all hard surfaces & landscape areas as needed.

  • Up to 32 visits per year (4 visits per month)


  • Turf fertilization and broadleaf weed control

  • Pre-emergent & fertilizer (Early March)
  • Spring weed control (Early April)
  • Summer weed control (Early June)
  • Fall weed control (Early September)
  • Fall fertilizer (Early October)
  • Winter Fertilizer (Mid November)

  • When the team is on site each time they will go through property and eliminate all of the weeds in landscape beds and hardscape areas.

  • Weeds will be hand pulled from roots where feasible and sprayed in areas such as sidewalk/hardscape cracks.

  • 6 visits per year


  • Gathering of leaves from entire grounds areas and removal

  • 4 visits per year


  • Pruning/shaping of all shrubs/bushes, trees and grasses.

  • Trimming back of all low hanging limbs. Anything protruding over walks, street and home within reach.

  • Plant varieties need trimming & cutback at different times. Our trained team members will adequately maintenance your landscape accordingly.

  • Will gather all trash, clippings, leaves and any other debris and haul away.

  • Cleanup and environmental dump fees included.

  • 2 visits per year


  • Edge beds with spade shovel creating a crisp defined border before mulch applied.

  • Granular weed blocker pre-emergent applied prior to mulch

  • Brown - Black - Red hardwood mulch installed in all landscaped areas

  • 1 visit per year

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