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Mow Better Lawnscapes is dedicated to beautiful outdoor spaces

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Residential and Commercial Lawn Mowing

Having a beautiful lawn is an extension of your home or property! Make sure you take great care of it by hiring Mow Better! Mow services are preformed on a weekly basis by our experienced team members. Weather you have less than an acre or 50 acres Mow Better has got you covered!

Landscape Design & Maintenance

Our team of experts will beautifully transform your outdoor space with professional landscape design and ongoing maintenance. We'll plant trees, shrubs, flowers and turf perfectly suited for the Louisville climate while keeping your yard neatly maintained all year long.

Mow Better Ky Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower Bed Maintenance

Vibrant, healthy flowerbeds require careful attention. Our landscapers will keep your flowers thriving with regular weeding, pruning, mulching and soil care while ensuring a polished, attractive look that enhances your home's curb appeal.

Custom Hardscapes

Create an outdoor oasis with patios, walkways, retaining walls, fire pits and other customized hardscapes skillfully installed by our team. We use high-quality materials to construct durable, low-maintenance enhancements designed to match your landscape.

Mow Better Ky Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal

Prevent clogged gutters, dying grass and messy yards with our professional leaf removal service. We'll thoroughly clean leaves from your property using powerful equipment that vacuums and mulches them quickly and efficiently, keeping your landscape looking pristine.

Weekly Services

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String Trimming

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Schedule your routine lawn maintenance

Just like your hair, grass grows fast! Make sure your lawn is always in tip top shape when you schedule routine maintenance and lawn mowing services with Mow Better! Call now to schedule your weekly services!

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We can handle any job of any size! We offer both residential and commercial lawn services. We always get the job done in a timely manner.

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